*All Pricing is customized to fit each clients needs* Contact me and we will get you flowing and healed.

*Discount packages available*

Private Yoga / Group Yoga

School Yoga 

Work Yoga

Yoga, SUP, and Surfing Birthday Parties for Kids or Adults!!

Stand-up Paddle, Stand-up Paddle Yoga

Guided Meditation/Yoga Nidra

Thai Body Work, Private, 2 on 1 and Couples

Crystal Energy Healing

Bachelorette Party’s *not that kind…..haha

Private or Group SURF lessons!! *includes* Yoga, Water Safety & Etiquette, Surfboard, Private surf spot, Smiles, Jokes and getting you stoked standing and cruising down a wave.

*Student Discounts* I will always work with you to make my services affordable and fare to fit your needs. All services to the terminally ill are free.*

Much love.


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